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Welcome to the Dozenal Society of America’s electronic brochure database. How do we do base twelve (duodecimal) math? We’ve got plenty of articles, from how to design your own base twelve numerals, who started the DSA, and advanced articles about dozenal number theory. Note that this part of the site, along with the Duodecimal Bulletin Digital Archive, grow continuously, so visit often, and subscribe to our various feeds to be notified of updates.

Going Classic

Dozenal Society of America

Discusses the return of the DSA to Dwiggins numerals, away from Bell.



Grover Cleveland Perry

A stridently patriotic argument in favor of dozenals from an interwar Protestant American viewpoint.


A Dozenal Primer

Dozenal Society of America

A brief explanation of the dozenal system designed for beginners, in only a dozen pages.