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The Dozenal Society of America
The DSA is a voluntary, nonprofit education corporation, organized for the conduct of research and education of the public in the use of dozenal (also called duodecimal or base-twelve) in calculations, mathematics, weights and measures, and other branches of pure and applied science.

The DSA Newscast

Since March of 11E9 (2013.), the DSA has been publishing The DSA Newscast, a (mostly) monthly newsletter, for the benefit of its members. Typically consisting of a headline article, news, Society business, and a poetical diversion, this continues to be published today. Initially, the Newscast is available only for members; after a new issue has been published to members, the prior issue is posted here.

Volume 1

The DSA Newscast 01:01

7 March 11E9

Announcement of the Newscast; news concerning the (decimal) 12/12/12 hoopla; links.


The DSA Newscast 01:02

2 April 11E9

Announcement of the 11E9 annual meeting; publication of Boxes and Cans and Dozens vs. Tens; Dozenal Pi Day 11E9; Poetical Diversion: A Dozenalist, to the Number Ten.


The DSA Newscast 01:03

1 May 11E9

Links; publication of Systems of Numeration: A Plea for the Duodecimal; release of KDE Desktop Dozenal Clock; Poetical Diversion: To Dozenal Patriots, An Anthem.


The DSA Newscast 01:04

1 June 11E9

Links; request for updated member information; Poetical Diversion: O Dozen, My Dozen.


The DSA Newscast 01:05

1 July 11E9

Release of the Anki deck for studying dozenal facts; review of 11E9 annual meeting and presentation at the ASEE conference; DSA Annual Award given to Jen Seron; Poetical Diversion: The Number Rhyme.


The DSA Newscast 01:06

1 August 11E9

Featured article: "Systematic Dozenal Nomenclature, In Brief"; links; Poetical Diversions: "One, Two, Buckle My Shoe"; "Over in the Meadow"; "The Ants Go Marching"; "Twelve Little Aeroplanes"


The DSA Newscast 01:07

1 September 11E9

Featured article: "Using SDN"; hard-copy of the TGM book now available; publication of Nystrom's Duodenal System; publication of Laplace sur Douzainisme; Poetical Diversion: Freeman's "Let us then be up and doing".


The DSA Newscast 01:08

1 October 11E9

Featured article: "SDN for Word Construction"; links; publication of Leclerc sur Douzainisme; Poetical Diversion.


The DSA Newscast 01:09

1 November 11E9

Featured article: "SDN and Fractions"; links; publication of Playfair on Dozenalism; Poetical Diversion: Coleridge's "A Mathematical Problem"; Bernoulli's "Treatise on an Infinite Series."


The DSA Newscast 01:0X

1 December 11E9

Featured article: "Reflections on Our First Year", "Numerical Abbreviations for Fun and Profit"; links; Poetical Diversion: "Ode of a Young Decimalist on Discovering the Dozen."


Volume 2

The DSA Newscast 02:01

1 January 11EX

Featured article: "Our Goals for Our Second Volume"; "Dozenal Paper and TGM"; links; Poetical Diversion.


The DSA Newscast 02:02

1 February 11EX

Featured article: "Cooking with Dozens"; publication of Systematic Dozenal Nomenclature; Poetical Diversion: "Where Does Cinderella Go?" by H. C. Churchman.


The DSA Newscast 02:03

1 March 11EX

Featured article: "Living Dozens: Telling the Time"; publication of Twelve vs. Ten; Poetical Diversion: "Eldorado Revisited."


The DSA Newscast 02:04

3 April 11EX

Featured article: "Living Dozens: Ages"; links; James Zamerski's dozenal music; James Woods's dozenal OEIS scripts; Poetical Diversion: "Twelve's My Number."


The DSA Newscast 02:05

1 May 11EX

Featured article: "Living Dozens: Shapes"; publication of A Rational Solution to the Problem of Weights and Measures; Poetical Diversion: "From Doz'nalism in Glory".


The DSA Newscast 02:06

2 June 11EX

Jim Zamerski's dozenal pi set to music; Poetical Diversion: "Bring Back My Dozen to Me".


The DSA Newscast 02:07

3 July 11EX

Mike deVlieger's sequences accepted into OEIS; Poetical Diversion: "Cheaper by the Dozen".


The DSA Newscast 02:08

5 August 11EX

News on annual meeting and NCTM conference; Poetical Diversion: "Rode the Brave Dozen".


The DSA Newscast 02:09

1 September 11EX

More on Michael deVlieger's sequences in the OEIS; Poetical Diversion: "Two Roads Diverged in a Yellow Wood".


The DSA Newscast 02:0X

2 October 11EX

Another dozenal pi setting by Jim Zamerski; Tolkien's elves and the dozen; Poetical Diversion: "The Ten It Would not Stop for Three".


The DSA Newscast 02:0E

1 November 11EX

The sum of all positive integers = -0;1; an online encyclopedia of mathematical proofs; Poetical Diversion: "Dozenal, Dozenal".


The DSA Newscast 02:10

1 December 11EX

Adam Hoek's dozenal video; other dozenal videos; links; publication of A Duodecimal Scale; Poetical Diversion: "Bless My Homework Forever", by Gene Zirkel.


Volume 3

The DSA Newscast 03:01

1 January 11EE

Restoration of DSA's 501(c)(3) status; links; Poetical Diversion: A dozenal "Auld Lang Syne".


The DSA Newscast 03:02

3 February 11EE

Announcement of DozclockWidget, dozbc, and TGMDroid, for the Android operating system, available on Google Play; publication of first Spanish-language documents, Filosofia de la numeracion and De la numeracion que debe preferirse; links; Poetical Diversion: An extended dozenal "Auld Lang Syne".


The DSA Newscast 03:03

1 March 11EE

Featured article: "Dactylonomy, Part I"; publication of oldest dozenal treatise yet found, De Arithmetica by Joannis Caramuelis (Juan Caramuel y Lobkowitz); Poetical Diversion: "To Twelve or not to Twelve."


The DSA Newscast 03:04

3 April 11EE

Featured article: "Dactylonomy, Part II"; resignation of Michael deVlieger as Editor of the Bulletin; transition to Pitman numerals debated between Gene Zirkel (for Dwiggins) and Donald Goodman (for Pitman); publication of Rationality, by Troy; Poetical Diversion: "To Decimal, going to the Wars".


The DSA Newscast 03:05

1 May 11EE

Featured article: "Dactylonomy, Part III"; publication of The Duodecimal System of Notation; dozenal image by Sean Hartung; Poetical Diversion: "As once man huddled in the dark".


The DSA Newscast 03:06

1 June 11EE

Featured article: "Dactylonomy, Part IIV"; announcement of 11EE annual meeting; memorizing pi; Poetical Diversion: "Dozenal Limericks".


The DSA Newscast 03:07

1 July 11EE

Featured article: "Doman Numerals: For the Gravitas of It"; Unicode accepts Pitman numerals; publication of Collected Works on Reckoning Reform; update of Multiplication Tables of Various Bases; Poetical Diversion: "You may talk o' two and five".


The DSA Newscast 03:08

2 August 11EE

Featured article: "Other Non-Positional Notation"; publication of Practical Polygons; links; Poetical Diversion: "An Ode to Three".


The DSA Newscast 03:09

1 September 11EE

Featured article: "The Neutral Appeal"; Notation"; dozenal primes table; dozenal comic; Poetical Diversion: "It is the east; the Dozen is the Sun".


The DSA Newscast 03:0X

2 October 11EE

Featured article: "Educating in Dozens"; publication of Mathamerica; Poetical Diversion: "Do! Do! Do!" by Gene Zirkel.


The DSA Newscast 03:10

2 December 11EE

Featured article: "Year 1200"; Paul Rapoport's dozenal clock app for iOS; Poetical Diversion: "A Limerick."


Volume 4

The DSA Newscast 04:01

1 January 1200

Featured article: "Happy New Year!"; Poetical Diversion: Yet another "Auld Lang Syne".


The DSA Newscast 04:02

1 July 1200

Featured article: "And We're Back!"; dozenal clock app for Macs; annual meeting for 1200 announced for Atlanta, GA; Poetical Diversion: "The Dozen---Part I".


The DSA Newscast 04:03

1 August 1200

Featured article: "The Compass Rose"; major update to the dozenal suite; new dozenal videos; Poetical Diversion: "The Dozen---Part II".


The DSA Newscast 04:04

1 September 1200

Featured article: "A Dozenal Logo"; ternary math in baseball; Poetical Diversion: "The Dozen---Part III".


The DSA Newscast 04:05

7 October 1200

Featured article: "Annual Meeting, 1200"; publication of the revised MODS and A Dozenal Primer; Poetical Diversion: "A Dozenalist, to his Love".


The DSA Newscast 04:06

2 November 1200

Featured article: "Getting Started with Dozens, Part I"; Digits podcast; Poetical Diversion: "For Future Use" (from the DSGB Duodecimal Newscast).


The DSA Newscast 04:07

4 December 1200

Featured article: "Getting Started with Dozens, Part II"; arithmophobia; dozenal tallying; publication of Against the Metric System; Poetical Diversion: "Do Not Go Gentle to the Decimal Night".


Volume 5

The DSA Newscast 05:01

5 January 1201

Featured article: "Getting Started with Dozens, Part III"; publication of La Zonnomie; dozenal packages for Javascript and Python; Poetical Diversion: "The Base Less Used".


The DSA Newscast 05:02

5 February 1201

Featured article: "Make a Dozenal Ruler" Poetical Diversion: "There is another base".


The DSA Newscast 05:03

1 May 1201

Featured article: "The Vitality of Twelve"; links; dozenal calculator web app; dozenal episode of the Digits podcast; Poetical Diversion: "We'll Go No More A-Tenning".


The DSA Newscast 05:04

2 July 1201

Featured article: "Twelve in Poetry"; dozenal calculator for Apple devices; annual meeting for 1201 announced; Poetical Diversion: "The Twelve".


The DSA Newscast 05:05

1 August 1201

Featured article: "Build a Dozenal Weight Scale"; publication of The Duodenary Scale; website updates; Poetical Diversion: "Number is a Vital Thing".


The DSA Newscast 05:06

1 September 1201

Featured article: "Make Some Dozenal Measuring Cups"; publication of Schiffman's Personalities; website updates; another online dozenal calculator; Hamburg Music Notation; Poetical Diversion: "The Eclipse".


The DSA Newscast 05:07

18 October 1201

Featured article: "Annual Meeting, 1201"; release of new 1202 calendars; Poetical Diversion: "We few, we happy few".


Volume 6

The DSA Newscast 06:01

2 February 1202

Featured article: "Back to Basics: SDN"; puzzlewocky; dozenal quiz; upcoming book; release of our first video; Poetical Diversion: The Mind that Knows the Dozen.


The DSA Newscast 06:02

9 June 1202

Featured article: "Back to Basics: SDN, cont'd"; Basic Dozenal Arithmetic published; Igor Bushyn on Dozenal Time; Eddie's Math and Calculator Blog; Ideophilus on Dozenal numerals; Poetical Diversion: Two Limericks Concerning Twelve.


The DSA Newscast 06:03

1 July 1202

Featured article: "Dozenal and Subitization"; Erik Engheim's dozenal articles; dozenal in Braille; Curiosity on dozenal; Antiquitatem on dozenal; Symmetry in Times Tables; our Paypal donations work again; Poetical Diversion: "Dozens at the Bat".


The DSA Newscast 06:04

1 August 1202

Featured article: "The Success of the Dozen"; Spanish language dozenal works; dozenal in Volapük; location of our annual meeting. Poetical Diversion: "Twelve Rings to Rule Them All."


The DSA Newscast 06:05

2 September 1202

Featured article: "Time, Distance, and Mass". A new dozenal article by Naomi Wray; History of English Podcast tackles arithmetic; Dozenal in Microsoft Excel; Kousik's dozenal article; the Ishango bone and dozenal; DSA Annual Meeting for 1202. Poetical Diversion: Stopping by a Base on a Lovely Evening.


Volume 7

The DSA Newscast 07:01

1 September 1203

Featured article: "TGM: Starting with Time"; some great dozenal publicity on the BBC; a new dozenal article, in Latin, by Brennus Legranus; dozenal calendars republished, including print-yourself versions for letter-size paper and A4; dozenal card games; Annual Meeting for 1203. Poetical Diversion: "Two's Company, Three's a Triangle".


The DSA Newscast 07:02

1 October 1203

Featured article: "Making a TGM Clock"; errata from Issue 07:01; a new dozenal article by Akash Peshin; a three-part article on dozenal published; TGM Tools page now available; a dozenal tone system and dichotomy; and a new dozenal calculator; Poetical Diversion: "Great Twelve".


The DSA Newscast 07:03

5 November 1203

Featured article: "Annual Meeting, 1203"; Unicode and Dozens; Building an American Flag in Dozenal; Poetical Diversion: "Who has Need of Five?"


The DSA Newscast 07:04

4 December 1203

Featured Article: TGM: From Time to Length; Poetical Diversion: "Who has Need of Five?"; new dozenal animation; dozenal cards online; dozenal music; Mundezo article on dozenal; Poetical Diversion: "Who Still Has Love for Ten?"


Volume 8

The DSA Newscast 08:01

10 April 1204

TGM: From Length to Mass and Weight; a new dozenal video; new number-base converters; The Duodecimal System, by Bill Benson; Poetical Diversion: "Dozens"


The DSA Newscast 08:02

1 May 1204

Featured Article: TGM: Work, Energy, and Heat; Williams's An Ancient Duodecimal System released; dozenal dice; Paul Rapoport's dozen card games; Poetical Diversion: "The Potters' Play"


The DSA Newscast 08:03

1 June 1204

Featured Article: Dozenals and Money; new dozenal apps available, on F-Droid; Troy's Trigons to Triads published; dozenal playing cards for sale from K6T; Alec Hollingsworth's dozenal module for Coffeescript; the 12ish website; "Dis, Dat, Di & Douze" at That's Math; Poetical Diversion: "The Dozen", Part I.


The DSA Newscast 08:04

1 July 1204

Featured Article: So What's the Point?; discussion on the Humphrey point; dozenal cross-stitching; Poetical Diversion: "The Dozen", Part II.