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The Dozenal Society of America                Vol. 1, Iss. 1
Official Newsletter                               7 Mar 11E9
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1.  The DSA Newscast
2.  Dozenal News
    December 11E8
    January 11E9
    February 11E9
3.  Backmatter

=                     The DSA Newscast                     =

This  is  the first  issue  of  the  DSA Newscast,  the  new
(hopefully) monthly  publication of  the Dozenal  Society of
America. There  are two  things which  need to  be explained
here: our name, and our purpose.

The  name, the  DSA Newscast,  is a  nod to  the publication
of  our   British  brethren   at  the  Dozenal   Society  of
Great  Britain, who  published their  flagship journal  _The
Duodecimal  Newscast_ from  1173  (1959.)  to 117X  (1966.),
before they began publishing a more formal journal.

Our purpose is  similarly simple: to provide  a more regular
and  more   down-to-earth  publication  for  the   world  of
dozenals than is currently  available. The Newscast is *not*
intended as a substitute  or replacement for _The Duodecimal
Bulletin_; the  purposes of  the two publications  are quite
different.  As explained  in our  namesake's first  issue by
Brian Bishop:

    Until we can  start a regular magazine  I shall keep
    members  informed  of  activities in  the  world  of
    duodecimals  by means  of such  circular letters  as
    this. I  should also like  members to use it  to air
    their views.

This  little  newsletter is  for  minor  things, things  too
small or  brief or  inconsequential for the  _Bulletin_; or,
conversely, things too time-sensitive  or urgent to wait for
the next _Bulletin_. It's perfectly suited for:

    - An announcement of  a dozenal-related gathering; e.g.,
    a meetup in a given city at a certain time;

    - You've found an opportunity  to speak on dozenals at a
    conference,  school, or  other  venue, and  you want  to
    invite dozenalists to show support;

    - You've  seen a  dozenal article somewhere  (or written
    one) and  want to draw fellow  dozenalists' attention to

    -   There's  a   discussion   on  dozenalism   occurring
    somewhere, and you want to  enlist the aid and wisdom of
    other dozenalists in it;

    - You've seen some curious use of dozenalism not worth a
    real academic  article but  still interesting  enough to
    tell others about;

    - Anything else of this nature.

Please, make liberal use of  this newsletter for these types
of  purposes; our  goal is  to  ensure it  becomes a  useful
resource, and with this purpose, it can only be useful if it
is actually used.

=                           NEWS                           =


December was a landmark month for dozenals; because although
it was merely  the year 11E8, an  number unremarkable except
for its closeness to 1200, in decimal it was the year 2012.,
which  caused  December to  contain  the  date (in  decimal)
12/12/12.  Although this  date  was  really unremarkable  in
dozenal, it caused  a watershed of interest  in dozenal, and
we had the publicity to match.

    - "Dozenalists of  the world unite! Rise  up against the
    tyranny of ten!" Alex Bellos, author of the popular math
    book  _Here's Looking  at  Euclid_  (an excellent  read,
    by  the way),  had already  interviewed your  _Bulletin_
    editor  and  past  president, Mike  deVlieger,  at  some
    length; for this  occasion, he wrote an  article for the
    _Guardian_  blog with  the above  title. He  interviewed
    your  president  and  Mr.  deVlieger  again,  eventually
    producing a wonderful article on dozens. You can read it

    -  The  above article  was  translated  many times  into
    many  languages,  most  interestingly into  Hebrew,  at:

    - Janice Lloyd wrote briefly about us in _USA Today_:

    - The Danbury _News-Times_, originally on the front page
    but later moved to "Weird News" (!):

    - James Grime, the  Internet's "Numberphile," produced a
    very enthusiastic 9-minute introductory video on dozenal
    on Youtube:

    -  Mike  deVlieger  was  interviewed  by  ABC  Australia
    Pacific Radio.

As Mr.  deVlieger wrote in  his summary of the  publicity to
the officers of the DSA:

    The  Society's Founder  F.  Emerson Andrews  reached
    many through  the Atlantic Monthly, and  touched off
    the Society.  In the  1970s, ABC showed  the "Little
    Twelvetoes"  animated  short  on  Saturday  mornings
    throughout the 70s and  80s. Gene was interviewed on
    NPR in 1994. This event  stands alongside these as a
    significant publicity event. We  can be sure that we
    all  participated  in  furthering  the  aim  of  our
    Society to educate the public on the benefits of the
    twelve  system!  We  do  hope  Mr.  Emerson,  Beard,
    Churchman,  and the  many others  that followed  and
    contributed do  smile upon this  day as the  day the
    world marveled at twelve.

Further comment hardly seems necessary.

Dr. Paul  Rapoport (#230) of McMaster  University, Hamilton,
ON, CA, who many years ago produced physical dozenal digital
clocks,  has  produced  a  set of  dozenal  analog  computer
clocks, which  an be customized  in a variety of  ways. Find
them at:


This adds  to the  existing set  of dozenal  analog computer


Thanks to Dr. Rapoport for sponsoring this project, which is
discussed at the DozensOnline forum.


Treisaran,  on  the  DozensOnline  forum,  has  developed  a
difficult but  still usable test for  divisibility by seven;
it works with modifications in both decimal and dozenal.


He calls it the Abbreviated  Power-alpha Test; it is related
to, though  more complicated than, his  SPD (Split, Promote,
Discard) test for divisibility by five:


Both of these are well worth  a read; and SPD in particular,
as it fills a rare lacuna in dozenal divisibility tests.

The Internet  website io9,  which bills  itself as  "a daily
publication that  covers science,  science fiction,  and the
future," has published an article on dozenal:


It's an  excellent article, which plainly  borrows from some
earlier articles (right down  to cribbing some graphics from
them  wholesale), but  which is  nevertheless worth  a read.
George Dvorsky,  the author, has written  a wonderful little
piece for explaining  "why we should have  adopted a base-12
counting system --- and how we could still make it work."


Your officers  and board have  begun the job of  cleaning up
the formalities  of the  Society, and have  made significant
progress this month. For example,  we have begun the process
of restoring our tax-exempt status with the Internal Revenue
Service (lost several years ago  due to some rather esoteric
regulation  changes).  We  will   keep  members  updated  on
this  matter  in the  _Newscast_  (and,  of course,  in  the

This  month,  the  DSA  launched its  newly  engineered  and
improved web  site, still  at the same  domain, dozenal.org.
The new website includes:

    - A complete set of digital copies of past _Bulletins_.

    -  A  list of  resources  for  using dozenal,  including
    calculators, measurement converters, and fonts.

    - The same set of digital articles, plus a few additions
    and improvements.
        -  Remastered version  of the  Aspirant's Tests  and
        answers, with links between them.
        -  Remastered   version  of  F.   Emerson  Andrews's
        landmark "An Excursion in Numbers."
         - Remastered version of A. C. Aitken's "Twelves and
        - Remastered version  of Ralph Beard's Esperanto
        disposition   on   dozenalism,   "Antipatio   al
        -   A   completely   updated   exposition   of   Tom
        Pendlebury's landmark TGM dozenal metric system.
    -  Social networking  links,  both for  sharing and  for
    tapping into the DSA's network.
    -  New  digital  membership forms,  both  web-based  and
    fillable pdf.
    - A complete search fuction.
    - The ability to pay dues entirely online, available for
    any registered member.

Go ahead  and explore!  You're sure to  find the  same great
resources you've  always known  from dozenal.org,  plus some
helpful new additions, as well.

Please, apply  for a user account  if you are a  DSA member;
this is  an easy process,  and will  enable you to  pay your
dues online (no more sending in checks, unless you wish), as
well as access some member-only materials we have available.
Click on  "Login" at  the new  website, then  on "I  want to
create an account," and you'll be on your way.

=                       BACKMATTER                         =

_The DSA Newscast_ is a production of the Dozenal Society of
America. If you have received  this publication in error, or
otherwise do not wish to receive it anymore, please unscribe
by mailing a message  containing the string "UNSUBSCRIBE DSA
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