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Dozenal Society of America
Promoting base twelve and alternative base mathematics
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The Dozenal Society of America
The DSA is a voluntary, nonprofit education corporation, organized for the conduct of research and education of the public in the use of dozenal (also called duodecimal or base-twelve) in calculations, mathematics, weights and measures, and other branches of pure and applied science.

Past Board Members

F. Emerson Andrews F. Howard Seely F. Morton Smith George S. Terry
Ralph H. "Whiskers" Beard William Shaw Crosby Paul E. Friedman Harry C. Robert
Nathan Lazar Kingsland Camp H. Kay "HK" Humphrey Louis Paul d'Autremont
Lewis Carl Seelbach Jamison "Jux" Handy Henry C. Churchman Tom B. Linton
Charles S. Bagley Van Allen Lyman Eugene "Skip" Scifres Theodore Baumeister
Peter Andrews James M. Dixon Rob Roy McPherson Paul Beaver
Prof. John Selfridge Frieda Butler Miriam Bagley Vivian Linton
Prof. Gene Zirkel Sgt. Henry Webber (ret.) Prof. James Malone Dudley George
John Earnest Dr. Angelo "Tony" Scordato Dr. Anton "Tony" Glaser Dr. Patricia Zirkel
Prof. Carmine deSanto Dr. John Impagliazzo Walter Berkmann Fred Newhall
Prof. Anthony Catania Prof. Alice Berridge Prof. Barbran Smith Prof. Jay Schiffman
Timothy Travis John Hansen, Jr. Prof. Rafael Marino Charles Ashbacker
Ian B. Patten Christina d'Aiello-Scalise Chris Harvey John Steigerwald
Prof. Ellen Tufano Michael T. deVlieger Catherine Goodman Brian Ditter
Gene Zirkel