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The Dozenal Society of America
The DSA is a voluntary, nonprofit education corporation, organized for the conduct of research and education of the public in the use of dozenal (also called duodecimal or base-twelve) in calculations, mathematics, weights and measures, and other branches of pure and applied science.

Honorary Members and Fellows of the Society

From time to time, the Dozenal Society of America has elected individuals to honorary membership. Sometimes this has been in honor of substantial contributions to dozenalism; e.g., for Dozenal Society of Great Britain members Shaun Ferguson, Arthur Whillock, and Don Hammond. Other times this is simply in recognition of public espousal of dozenalism; e.g., Isaac Asimov.

Furthermore, some members of the Society have served in such remarkable capacity that they have been made Fellows of the Society.

Both of these categories are listed below, with their names and membership numbers.

I. V. Colonna Valevsky (E7) Bruce A. M. Moon (1X7) Dr. Anton Glaser (1EE) John Earnest (250)
R. B. Carnaghan (259) Arthur Whillock (262) Shaun Ferguson (287) Isaac Asimov (293)
Donald Hammond (373) Chas W. Trigg (374)
Kingsland Camp (X) Eugene "Skip" Scifres (11) Dallas H. Lien (14) Jamison "Jux" Handy, Jr. (19)
Robert R. McPherson (4E) J. Halcro Johnston (55) Velizar Godjevatz (55) Gene Zirkel (67)
Henry C. Churchman (72) William C. Schumacher (84) Charles S. Bagley (X3) I. V. Colonna Valevsky (E7)
Nelson B. Gray (E9) George S. Cunningham (107) Theodore Baumeister (140) B. A. M. Moon (1X7)
Dudley George (238) Angelo Scordato (24X) John Earnest (250) Patricia Zirkel (251)
Alice Berridge (25X) Arthur Whillock (262) Fred Newhall (279) Kathleen McKiernan (284)
Anthony Catania (291) Jay Schiffman (2X8) Barbran Smith (2XE) Christina d'Aiello-Scalise (35X)
Chris Harvey (367)