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The Dozenal Society of America
The DSA is a voluntary, nonprofit education corporation, organized for the conduct of research and education of the public in the use of dozenal (also called duodecimal or base-twelve) in calculations, mathematics, weights and measures, and other branches of pure and applied science.

Beard Award Recipients

Since its founding, the Society has offered its Annual Award for remarkable and conspicuous contributions to the Society and to dozenalism. Now named after one of our founders, Ralph "Whiskers" Beard, the Ralph Beard Annual Award has been bestowed on the following individuals for the following reasons.

F. Emerson Andrews (1) 1160 His pioneering work in the use of base twelve; his authorship of many articles on the use of base twelve; and his outstanding book, New Numbers
George S. Terry (2) 1161 His monumental work on the complete set of dozenal mathematical tables, including logarithms and trigonometric functions, Duodecimal Arithmetic, and the establishment of the DSA's endowment fund.
F. Howard Seely (3) 1162 His pioneering work in the establishment of the DSA, being one of the original correspondents in the snail-mail round-robin network that led to that establishment; and in developing an easy method of converting decimal and dozenal numbers.
Ralph H. Beard (4) 1163 His work on the Do-Metric System.
Harry C. Robert, Jr. (27) 1164 His many excellent articles on dozenals, and his discoveries regarding the square sums of consecutive squares.
J. Halcro Johnson (55) 1167 For his work developing and describing The Reverse Notation, specifically as applied to dozenal numbers.
Jean Essig (X2) 1170 For outstanding contribution to the wider understanding of the dozenal system, particularly by his book Douze, Notre Dix Futur.
Herbert K. Humphrey (9) 1171 For his devoted work for the Society, including long service as Treasurer; for his many articles on dozenals; and for his work on machine conversion of decimal to dozenal and vice versa.
Brian R. Bishop 1173 For his work as dozenal bibliographer, and for his role as founder of the Dozenal Society of Great Britain and editor of its publication, The Duodecimal Newscast.
Brian R. Bishop 117E For his continued work promoting and growing the Dozenal Society of Great Britain, including The Duodecimal Newscast, on the occasion of his retirement from the same for reasons of health.
Tom Linton (9E) 1180 For his design and creation of the dozenal slide rule, and for his many articles and other tireless efforts to support dozenalism and the DSA.
Kingsland Camp (X) 1182 For his long and unstinting service as Chairman of the Board, and his many other contributions to the dozenal system.
Henry C. Churchman (72) 1190 For his service as editor and associate editor of The Duodecimal Bulletin, for his Dozenal Essays, for his work on the Doremic system of weights and measures, and for all his other contributions to dozenalism and to the Society.
Charles S. Bagley (X3) 1192 For long service on the Board of Directors, as President, and his many other contributions.
Jamison "Jux" Handy (19) 1193 For his many years of service on the Board of Directors, as editor of the Bulletin, as founder and editor of Dozenal Doings, and his many other contributions.
Eugene "Skip" Scifres (11) 1195 For long service on the Board of Directors; as Treasurer; as a contributor to the Bulletin; and for many years of devoted service to the cause of dozenalism.
Gene Zirkel (67) 1196 For long service as Director and President, and for spearheading the revitalization of the DSA from 118E to 1192; for his many dozenal writings; and for his continuing strong and salutary influence within the Society.
James Malone (245) 1197 For his long service as Treasurer, at a time when the Society desperately needed dedicated servants.
Patricia Zirkel (251) 1198 For long and fruitful editorship of the Bulletin, which under her direction became a regular and scholarly journal, increasing the esteem and reputation of the Society.
Peter D. Thomas (306) 119X For his work spreading his "modular" system of dozenal counting and measurement in his native country of Australia.
Donald Hammond (373) 119E For long and outstanding service for over half-dozen years as the editor of The Dozenal Journal, and his great service to the growth and importance of the DSGB.
Anthony Catania (291) 11X0
Fred Newhall (279) 11X2 For his dozen years of service as Chairman of the Board, President, and Secretary.
Arthur Whillock (262) 11X3 For his outstanding service advocating dozenal counting and metrology and for his years of service to The Dozenal Journal.
Nassau Community College 11X7 In recognition of years or support and assistance in maintaining and expanding the cause of dozenalism.
Alice Berridge (25X) 11XX For her outstanding dedication and devotion as an advocate of dozenal counting and measures, and for her long service as Director, Secretary, Vice-President, and Treasurer.
Rob Roy McPherson (4E) 11E0 For dozens of years of service as a member of the Board, and his dedication toward dozenal counting and metrology, especially in encouraging others to actually use dozenal numbers.
Jay Schiffman (2E8) 11E1
Christina d'Aiello-Scalise (35X), and John Impagliazzo (27E) 11E2 For their many years of service, particularly for their recent work updating and publishing the new DSA website.
Michael deVlieger (37E) 11E4 For his zeal and tireless efforts for the Society, especially his work in creating and maintaining the dozens of past Duodecimal Bulletins.
Jen Seron (3X2) 11E9 For her efforts in securing and managing our workshop presentation at the American Society for Engineering Education conference in Atlanta this year, and for her constant efforts in her position as secretary of the Socity.
Donald Goodman (398) 11EE For his efforts in producing the DSA Newscast, and for furthering the Society's website
August Ewert-Harpold (556) 1201 In recognition of her presentation at the 1201 Annual Meeting of the Society her exemplary work on dozenal Napier's bones, and her demonstration that in dozenal this analog calculator is more efficient than in decimal