Welcome to the Dozenal Society of America

Why do some people propose that we learn to count in twelves in addition to counting by tens? Why did people who use arithmetic every day - engineers, teachers, mathematicians, businessmen and consumers - choose to band together and form the Dozenal Society of America (formerly called the Duodecimal Society of America)? Isn’t counting by tens easier, especially with the zero? What about decimal fractions such as 3.14159...? To find out the answers to these and similar questions, visit "Fundamental Operations in Duodecimal”. Full Article about Welcome to the Dozenal Society of America

For Beginners and Students

Are you interested in using different number bases, or you’re studying number bases in school? The articles on this page are a great place to start, particularly for dozenal (also called duodecimal, or base twelve). You can look at A Brief Introduction to Dozenal Counting to get an idea of what exactly dozenal counting is. An even simpler and easier way to grasp the concept is in Eggsactly a Dozen. Once you know what dozenal counting is, you can look at Multiplication in Base Twelve to see the beautiful patterns in the dozenal base, read about the dozenal divisibility tests, then continue on to practice your dozenal arithmetic. Learn how to convert decimals to dozenals and back again by visiting Decimal-Dozenal Conversion Rules. Soon, you'll be using twelve as a number base, multiplying and dividing, adding and subtracting, just as well (better!) than in decimal.
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